Best Tea to build Endurance – “Super Sport”

Looking for natural way to improve your Endurance?

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Super Sport Tea

This unique sport herbal tea is a true powerhouse of vitamins and bioflavanoids. Since ancient times, these herbs have been used by Altay people, to activate inner strength of the body, improve physical performance, relieve fatigue, and elevate mood. A unique combination of wild Altay roots and herbs in this blend are known to improve blood circulation in all body systems (especially in the abdominal part and brain), clean blood vessels from cholesterol deposits, and mucus from lungs. It’s well known for strengthening the heart muscle, balancing the nervous system, restoring hormonal balance, and helping to build a strong immune system. This blend is often used as a powerful restorative agent, and considered to be helpful for people going through rehabilitation after major traumas (especially involving bone fractures and tissue damage).










Super Sport Tea Benefits

Powerful adaptogen
Powerful antioxidant
Powerful endurance builder
Powerful mood elevator
Powerful detoxifier
Powerful blood circulator
Powerful anti-depressant agent
Powerful hormone balancer
Powerful restorative agent
Powerful performance agentSuper-Sport Wellness Tea

Elevate your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL!!

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