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Ivan Chai with goat milk and Altay spices

Kung Fu Tea Ceremony

Traditional Kung Fu Tea Ceremony! Perfect for “Ivan Chai”!

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New herbal tea in stock! – “Ivan Chai + Organic Ginger”

Ivan Chai – Chamerion angustifolium The story of this herb goes back for thousands of years, into the depths of Ancient Vedic culture, when old tribes, who lived on hills of the lower Ural Mountains, by the Coast of Kara Sea, discovered the healing properties of this incredible plant. Through the ages, Ivan Chai became […]

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Peace tea herbal tea

New Tea in Stock! – “PEACE TEA” Herbal Tea – YOUR EVERYDAY NIRVANA!

“PEACE TEA” HERBAL TEA The unique herbs in this blend have been used by Altay people for centuries to achieve nirvana and get away from the stress of everyday life. This wellness blend is very soothing for the nervous system and is a great helper in case of neurosis, stress, and anxiety. It’s called “Peace […]

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Heavy Metal Detox Herbal Tea

How to clean body from the heavy metals

HEAVY METAL DETOX HERBAL TEA We live in times, filled with chemtrails, agriculture and household pollution, smog and petroleum products, accumulating with steady growth… many would agree… this is a major reason of many diseases of the 21st century.  That’s why a constant detoxification of the body should be a priority for modern humans, in […]

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Super Sport Tea

Best Tea to build Endurance – “Super Sport”

Looking for natural way to improve your Endurance? New Tea in Stock!   This unique sport herbal tea is a true powerhouse of vitamins and bioflavanoids. Since ancient times, these herbs have been used by Altay people, to activate inner strength of the body, improve physical performance, relieve fatigue, and elevate mood. A unique combination […]

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