“Thank you much for bringing your Soul Tea to Humanist Hall!  Otherwise I’d never have discovered it! I love your Ivan Chai Tea! This tea is sublime!  I’ve been drinking it for a few days now and I have to say, I feel altogether different, altogether BETTER, drinking it! I have to say I felt blissful; it was a state of bliss!  There’s something super special about this tea! Thank YOU for this wellness treasure!”

Florence Windfall

Oakland, CA


“Altay Teas offer an incredible experience! I have been drinking “Ivan Chai” for two months and LOOVE its taste and effect. No more migraines, balanced feeling overall. The creator, Maximus is as vibrant as his tea, full of great energy and caring initiative.”

Michelle Landegger

Santa Cruz, CA


“My husband and I have been drinking your “Ivan Chai” every day now since Sunday and totally enjoying and loving how delicious it is and how we feel and are benefiting from this amazing herb. And, yes! “Elevated” is the definitely the perfect word! I’m very grateful to have found this tea and to have met you!”

Marguerite Clifford

Felton, CA