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A New Herbal Tea in stock! ” “Green Energy”” – YOUR NATURAL ENERGY BOOST!

“GREEN ENERGY” Wellness Tea – Organic, Wild gathered It’s great for the whole body and naturally boosts energy! Contains unique Siberian herbs called “Ivan Chai” and “White wing”. These unique herbs together are true Wellness Powerhouse! “Green energy” has high vitamin count, lots of essential minerals and bioflavonoids, and has strong antibacterial effects. “Green energy” […]

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Vitamin Power Wellness Tea

A New Herbal Tea in stock! “Vitamin Power” – Vitamin tornado in one cup!

“VITAMIN POWER” Herbal Tea – Organic, Wild gathered – Loose leaf This ancient herbal blend is one of the most ancient teas known in Altay. It has been used by Altay people for centuries to normalize sugar and lipid metabolism, and to support digestion. It’s known for improving liver function, helping clean kidneys and strengthening […]

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