Day: June 23, 2017

New herbal tea in stock! – “Ivan Chai + Organic Ginger”

Ivan Chai – Chamerion angustifolium The story of this herb goes back for thousands of years, into the depths of Ancient Vedic culture, when old tribes, who lived on hills of the lower Ural Mountains, by the Coast of Kara Sea, discovered the healing properties of this incredible plant. Through the ages, Ivan Chai became […]

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Vitamin Power Wellness Tea

A New Herbal Tea in stock! “Vitamin Power” – Vitamin tornado in one cup!

“VITAMIN POWER” Herbal Tea – Organic, Wild gathered – Loose leaf This ancient herbal blend is one of the most ancient teas known in Altay. It has been used by Altay people for centuries to normalize sugar and lipid metabolism, and to support digestion. It’s known for improving liver function, helping clean kidneys and strengthening […]

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